Garcinia pedunculata

Bor Thekera or Garcinia pedunculata

Bor Thekera ( Assamese Name ) or Garcinia pedunculata  is an evergreen tree that grows saprsly in south-eastern regions of Asia such as parts of Myanmar and north-eastern parts of India. It is related to the more familiar purple mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana).

The ripe fruits can be eaten cooked or raw. In Assam , people value this fruit. Usually the ripe or raw fruits are sliced, sun-dried and preserved for years . In the state of Assam, such slices are much valued and used for preparing delicacies like “tenga diya masor jol” ( meaning Assamese sour fish curry) a signature dish in Assamese cuisine . It can also be prepared with other vegetables, especially fritters made with lentils.

Bor thekera

There are two more varities of thekera or Garcinia viz –

  • Kuji Thekera (Garcinia Cowa )
  • Rupohi Thekera (Garcinia Lanceifolia )

These fruits are considered as wonder fruits by the Assamese and are capeble of making any Assamese person drool while paired with a fish platter.


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